MST FXX 2.0 RC Professional Drift Bundle


WIN this “as new” MST FXX 2.0 Professional RC Drift Car Bundle

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Ryan Jobling 64 Rear Wheel Drive

WIN this “as new” MST FXX 2.0 Professional RC Drift Car Bundle –

1x MST FXX 2.0 Drift Car

1x Hobbywing Justock 10.5T Motor/ESC Combo

1x Gyro

1x 25kg Steering Servo

1x Full Set Drift Wheels/Tyres

1x “lightly used” Ford Mustang Body (needs magnets to complete mounting to chassis)

1x Alloy Body Mount Upgrade

MST FXX 2.0 RWD RC Drift Car Chassis Kit – #532183

New integrated design of the MST development team inherits the centralized chassis configuration of the FXX 2.0 KMW centre of gravity and the new great amount front suspension system closer to the real drift car. Using the system which is specific for rear-wheel drive drift car designed suspension is able to create a greater steering angle. Also introduced the MB rear suspension system for more rear steering wheel changes. The retuned secondary reduction ratio optimizes the control of the throttle. The new generation FXX 2.0S is amazingly progressive.

These are a hobby grade car so there are plenty of upgrade options, spares & aftermarket parts available. These chassis can be seen competing in many RC competitions around the globe and generally place in high positions…
The MST development team hopes to present more controlling cars to the drivers!

Check The Spec:

  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Drive Train: RWD
  • Adjustable 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 Degree Caster
  • Adjustable 0 to -12 Degree Camber
  • Full Ball Bearing Kit
  • Hydraulic Damper Set
  • Hobby Grade Car


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