SAB Goblin Fireball


WIN this Stunning SAB Goblin Fireball RC Helicopter with spares for only £4

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Lee Mcguire 42 50

WIN this Stunning SAB Goblin Fireball RC Helicopter with spares for only £4


Simplicity is the key feature of the Goblin Fireball
The goal of the project was to design a simple model with, good performance that crashes well and is fast, simple and cheap to repair.

For fun, for training, for HARD 3D it must be the Goblin Fireball!

Main Feature

With the new-patented “Direct Drive” system, this has been achieved.
The reduced parts count delivers maintenance that has never been easier! Carefully selected materials used in the soft plastic landing gear, plastic blade grips arms, hard steel shaft, strong plastic frames and a polycarbonate canopy and boom secure minimal crash damage and reduce repair bills.


* Main rotor diameter: 624 mm
* Main blade length: 280mm
* Tail rotor diameter: 139 mm
* Tail blade length: 50 mm
* Main shaft diameter: 5 mm
* Tail shaft diameter: 3 mm
* Weight including electronics: 735 gr

Electronic Specifications:

* Cyclic Servos: Micro size 23mm
* Tail Servo: Micro size 23 mm
* Speed Control 50-60A.
* Typical battery setup: 6S 1000/1250 mAh

NOTE: This is a used, very good condition RC Helicopter, you will need a compatible transmitter and subsiquent setup prior to flying.


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