Sanwa MT44


WIN this “lightly used” Sanwa MT44 Transmitter and new DasMilro compatible RX

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Ryan Jobling 53 Dodo

WIN this “lightly used” Sanwa MT44 Transmitter and new DasMikro compatible RX

System features:

  • SYSTEM: 2.4GHz FH4T / FH3
  • Movable Carrying Handle
  • Quick Setup Wizard
  • Safety Link
  • Racing Mode
  • Customized Menu
  • Micro SD card-compatible
  • Telemetry Switch
  • Clock
  • Circumstance Temperature Display
  • CSV Output for LOG data
  • CODE 10-compatible (Naming support)
  • Simultaneous three telemetry data display
  • Three AAA Batteries
  • Li-Po 1 cell-compatible (USB change support)

Other functions:

  • Large full dot LCD monitor
  • Wight LED back light
  • Full adjustable trigger
  • Telemetry function
  • Built-in antenna
  • Multi Menu Selector
  • ST/TH Tension Adjuster
  • Dual Rate
  • End Point Adjuster
  • Anti-lock Brake
  • Servo Speed
  • Offset
  • Trim/Sub trim
  • Servo Reverse
  • Curve (Exponential /Adjustable Rate Control)
  • AUX1 (Movement type for 3CH. it’s the same as MT-4S function.)
  • AUX2 (Movement type for 4CH. it’s the same as MT-4S function.)
  • Fail safe (power/ battery)
  • Timer (lap/ interval/ down)
  • Lap
  • Logger
  • 20 model memory (when used with SD card, 250 models is available.)
  • Model Name (12 letters)
  • Model (Select/ Clear/ Copy)
  • Direct Model Select
  • Trim Type (Center/ parallel)
  • Throttle Type (70:30 / 50:50)
  • RF MODE Setting (FH4T/FH3)
  • Response Mode Setting (NOR/SHR/SSR)*
  • Key Assign(SW/TRIM/DIAL/LEVER)
    • CODE AUX (w/ Naming function)
    • STEP AUX (Step 1-100)
    • POINT AUX (2 – 6 point)
    • 4WS MIXING (Front / Rear / Normal (coordinate phase) / Reverse  (opposite phase))
    • MOA MIXING (FWD / 4WD / RWD)
  • Buzzler (scale / volume)
  • Transmitter Battery Alarm
  • LCD Contrast
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Mechanical Rudder Angle
  • Small Grip Pad

Compatible receivers:

  • Telemetry compatible: RX-482, RX-472, RX-47T, RX-462, RX-461
  • Non-Telemetry compatible: RX-481, RX-481WP, RX-471 DUAL ID, RX-471W, RX-471, RX-451R, RX-451, RX-381, RX-380


  • Please do not use Analog Servo for SHR mode or SSR mode.If analog servo is used for SHR mode or SSR mode, the servo will be broken and will not work.Digital servo (SRG series, Digital ERG series, SDX series) can be used both for NOR mode and SHR mode.
  • SSR mode can be used only by SRG series servo.
  • In SHR or SSR mode, BL-FORCE, BL-SPORT, F3300, SBL-02 and SBL-03CR do not work.Please use NOR mode for the above ESC.


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